Smart ceramic fibres for next generation NetZero applications

Developing adequate materials supplies is one of the most critical challenges that needs to be overcome for the world to address the impacts of climate change and population growth. Innovative technologies that are meet these demands need to be established. This research project will investigate newly developed 3-dimensional hierarchical nanostructures consisting of fibrous materials which also efficiently absorb and/or dissipate heat. The aim is to define how the structural fibrous assemblies, their architecture, composition and functional grading will affect the properties of these fibres and their assemblies. The project will build on our recent work on inorganic fibrous materials and will explore in-house developed production techniques for other material systems. More specifically it will involve the fibre design and synthesis by means of various spinning techniques, 3D assemblies formation as well as cutting edge characterisation techniques. See also: Unveiling the Mechanism of the in Situ Formation of 3D Fiber Macroassemblies with Controlled Properties | ACS Nano

3D ceramic fibre assembly on flower


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