Royal Society Hughes Medal


"I'm a chemist who doesn't wear a lab coat".

Many congratulations to Professor Saiful Islam on the award of the 2022 Hughes Medal by The Royal Society for 'outstanding contributions to the deeper understanding of atomistic processes in new materials for use in energy applications, especially those related to lithium batteries and perovskite solar cells'.  

"I'm absolutely delighted and honoured to be awarded this prize from The Royal Society.  I'm grateful to my fantastic group members and collaborators (past and present) for creating such an enjoyable and stimulating research environment, reminding me how much we rely on others to reach the stars".

Professor Islam and his research group are deepening their understanding of atomistic processes in energy-related materials.  Their research uses powerful computer modelling techniques to help develop new lithium battery materials for electric vehicles, and a new type of solar cell compound (perovskite).  Their predictive modelling approach has solved ion conduction pathways in lithium battery electrodes and discovered ion migration in the novel perovskite solar cell material, which has enabled new application routes to enhanced performance.


"I hope the award raises the profile of the important research on low carbon energy, and inspires a new generation of researchers to work in the green energy field".