Professor Simon Benjamin: National Quantum Computing Centre

photograph of professor simon benjamin

Professor Simon Benjamin has been appointed Deputy Director for Research for the new National Quantum Computing Centre, being the second phase of the UK's ten-year £1Bn programme.  This centre will place the UK at the forefront of quantum computing, bringing together academia, business and government to address key challenges such as the scalability of this transformative new technology.

'The UK has long been a world leader in quantum computing science. 

There's now an international race to take the science out of the lab and realise practical technologies.


I believe the National Quantum Computing Centre can give the UK the edge it needs

to turn scientific excellence into a vibrant ecosystem involving academia, government,

organisations, industry and startups'. 

(Professor Simon Benjamin).

Professor Benjamin will be working closely with Dr Michael Cuthbert (Oxford Instruments), who has been appointed Director of the centre, Ash Vadgama (AWE plc), who is the Deputy Director for Operations, and Dr Simon Plant (Innovate UK), the Deputy Director for Innovation.

Together this interim leadership team will drive forward the development of the centre, to accelerate the development of quantum technologies, engage with key stakeholders in government, academia and industry and will define the development programme, to establish the centre utilising a £93M investment (managed by UK Research and Innovation).