Characterisation and Modelling of Tandem Solar Cells

Interface and Electronic Materials Laboratory


In order to move to a low-carbon future, and avoid the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change, continuing reductions in the cost of renewable energy are required. Oxford Materials researchers in collaboration with international research partners at Fraunhofer ISE in Germany and the University of New South Wales in Australia as well as industry partners, are working to reduce the cost of solar panels by fully exploiting the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. Graduate students would work as part of a dedicated group of researchers on state-of-the-art techniques for improving the performance of crystalline silicon solar cells and their role as the bottom cell for tandems.

Novel tandem photovoltaic devices have emerged as key enabling technology to achieve improvements in efficiency of solar panels. The main aim of this research project is to develop new characterisation and simulation techniques with the potential of boosting the performance of tandems solar cells, overcoming the drawbacks of conventional single junction solar cells. This project will involve the development of new electrical and optical characterisation of perovskite-silicon devices, and/or the development of finite element based computer models to understand and optimise tandem devices. It will use the understanding from other members of the team working on state of the art semiconductor processing facilities to test new material concepts and architectures using computer models. The developments here can impact the development of next-generation silicon-based photovoltaics, and can result in reductions in the cost and wide deployment of solar energy.


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