Novel brain-inspired and neuromorphic photonic computing

Our group is involved in exciting work to create next generation computing systems that store and process data in the same place – but using photonics as opposed to electronics. Moreover, our work involves interfacing with electronics. We are looking for exceptionally motivated students to work in this exciting new area of research with ability to think analytically and work across various partners (for example within the EU-funded FunComp project and other projects within the research group). This is a project that encompasses several areas of research, from optics and electronics to nanofabrication, modeling and test-set-up building and programming. You must be willing to put in the effort to learn these skills in order to progress through the project. However, we are a thriving research group with a fun-loving and intensive work ethic that makes our students experts in their chosen field by the end of their DPhil. 

An incoming DPhil student will have significant advantages: our experimental capability in this area is now set-up, and we have some of the most advanced instrumentation in the field. Our group has several individuals who can informally work with the student, so the student will not feel lost in their first few months.

Your Profile:
Your profile will be one of a highly motivated undergraduate (evidenced by previous stints in Research laboratories), first class honors degree (or equivalent) earning undergraduate in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials, or a closely related field with a deep desire to carry out independent experimental research. You must like working on hands-on laboratory experiments and have the desire to try out many novel ideas. Evidence (via references) of initiative and ability to work collaboratively would be a plus, as this is an experimental project.

A Phase Change Photonic Device

A Phase Change Photonic Device


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