New Ion Optical Components for Enhanced Nano-Scale Imaging

This project will involve the design and development of cutting-edge ion-optical components, to enhance the performance of Atom Probe Tomography. APT enables researchers to understand materials at the highest resolutions, however, significant advances are required to advance this technique to meet certain industrial challenges. In this project we will develop, build and implement novel ion optical devices to advance resolution improvements. This will be achieved by extending current computational models and ultimately translating these into working devices. This will create a new branch of research whilst simultaneously extending the group's world-leading expertise in hydrogen/deuterium imaging. Candidates should have a degree in either physics, engineering or a related discipline. Applicants should have a degree of familiarity or strong interest in some of these areas : electronics, mechanical assembly/CAD, high-vacuum systems and electrostatic/multiphysics modelling. Knowledge of programming is essential, using languages such as Python/C/C++. Applicants could possibly have experience with embedded devices or HV or high-speed electronics.

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