Manufacturing and characterization of new light weight alloys

The design of new light weight materials (Al and Mg based) is of extreme importance to industry due to the constant need to develop materials that combine high strength and light weight. This project is based on the development of new alloys systems by means of diverse rapid solidification techniques achieving cooling rates of 10 6 K/s. These rapid solidification techniques allow obtaining microstructures that combine several stable and metastable phases such as amorphous, quasicrystalline and crystalline phases opening wide range of alternative phases to be able to produce innovative light weight alloys for demanding applications. Materials are going to be characterised by X- Ray analysis, calorimetry and electron microscopy techniques. The evolution of the microstructure is going to be studied by means of heat treatments, structural characterisation and mechanical testing in order to understand the phase transformations and the potential properties for structural applications.

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