Leveraging Emerging Low-Dimensional Materials and Novel Architectures for Enhanced Nanoscale Quantum Optics

The photon stands as the foundational unit of light. This project delves into a meticulous exploration and manipulation of light's core attributes. By delving into the intricate interplay between quantum physics and materials science, we seek to unlock the potential of emerging materials and innovative device designs, paving the way for compact and highly efficient nanoscale quantum optics. Anticipated to be pivotal, emerging low-dimensional materials hold promise for shaping the next generation of devices. Examples include scalable integrated single-photon sources and the generation and control of photon entanglement.

Our undertaking spans both theoretical inquiry and hands-on experimentation. In pursuit of fresh insights and the bolstering of knowledge in this swiftly evolving research realm, we seek out exceptionally driven students endowed with analytical thinking capabilities and the versatility to collaborate with diverse partners. This encompasses collaborations within multiple EU- and EPSRC-funded projects within our research group. These DPhil studentships encompass a wide spectrum of research domains, spanning from physics, optics, and materials to nanofabrication, simulations, and the development of test setups and programming. A willingness to invest effort in acquiring these skills is essential for project advancement. However, as a vibrant research collective with an invigorating work ethos, we guide our students towards expertise in their chosen field by the culmination of their DPhil journey.

Nanoscale Quantum Optics


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