In situ characterisation of intragranular slip bands by high-resolution electron backscatter diffraction

An illustration of a deformed configuration

This paper in Acta Materialia by Dr Abdo Koko, James Marrow and Angus Wilkinson et al reports how high angular resolution backscatter diffraction can be used to quantify the local elastic field at the tips of intragranular slip bands, observed in situ in the ferrite grains of an age-hardened duplex stainless steel.

The surface elastic strain field was integrated to calculate in-plant and out-of-plane surface displacements.  This allowed the elastic fields to be parameterised as the potential strain energy release rate (J-integral) and three-dimensional stress intensity factors, which are demonstrated to be related to the crystallography and shear stress of the active slip band.  

The analysis provides a method to examine the mechanical interactions of slip bands.


Acta Materialia, volume 239.