Faraday Institution: boosting clean energy research


The Faraday Institution has announced a further investment of £22.6M into battery research to deliver commercial impact.

Professor Peter Bruce of this department is leading the solid-state batteries (SOLBAT) research in collaboration with the Universities of Liverpool, Sheffield, Warwick and UCL, and two industry partners.  

In addition to the SOLBAT project, The Faraday Institution is investing in four further projects; extending battery life, battery modelling, recycling and re-use, and battery safety.   

The Faraday Institution was launched three years, and during that time it has convened a research community of over 450 researchers across 21 universities and a set of 50 industry partners to work on game-changing energy storage technologies that will transform the UK energy landscape from transportation to grid.

You can read more in the updated University of Oxford's news page:  Oxford research given significant boost to develop lithium-rich battery cathodes.