Stress Awareness

A stressed person

(c) Sydney Sims

April 2021 was the national Stress Awareness Month, but the department is keen to ensure you know all year round what resources are available to you, to help with any stress you may be encountering during your work/research/study:


The University provides its members with free access to the Sleepio program, which recognises that regular quality sleep is vital for everyone's physical and mental health.  The University has also produced this useful at-a-glance summary of all the support currently provided for staff.


Nightline is a listening service for students during term-time.  Outside of term they recommend you telephone The Samaritans on 116 123 (unlike Nightlight, The Samaritans are available for everyone, not exclusively for students).


Perhaps most importantly of all, speak to someone; your supervisor, one of the department's Harassment Advisors, a friendly member of staff or colleague, a college counsellor, a family member .... often talking about the pressures you are dealing with is the most effective way of either seeking help, or helping you crystallise what is truly urgent or important, and what is not.  


To help people understand what stress is, how it affects us and what we can do to minimise the amount we experience, the NHS' online page has been updated to give advice and recommend resources.  Visit to find out more about: