Element segregation and a2 formation in primary a of a near-a Ti-alloy

Atom maps showing Al isoconcentration surface

Dr Hazel Gardener and Dr Paul Bagot, in collaboraton with researchers at the University of Manchester, Imperial College, TIMET, Rolls-Royce and The Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, conducted a detailed chemical and structural analysis of their needle samples using a combination of EPMA (Electron Probe Micro Analysis), WDS (Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy, TEM (Transmission Electron Miscroscopy) and APT (Atom Probe Tomography) in order to investigate local compositional variations and their effect on the formation of a2 precipitates.

The researchers observed the chemical gradient in primary a grains as a result of controlled cooling through detailed EPMA analysis.  This study highlights differences in a2 precipitation within primary a observed by TEM and APT, which can be correlated to the chemical gradient.