Effects of polymer infiltration processing temperature on mechanical & thermal properties of Nextel 312 Fibre SiOC ceramics


samples of polymer infiltration

The effects of the polymer infilatration processing (PIP) temperature between 850 and 1050oC on the mechanical and thermal properities of Nextel 312 fibre SiOC ceramic matrix composite were studied.  


The aim was to optimise the material system for its proposed application as a mechanical gas-seal at temperatures up to 900oC.  The microstructure and its failure behaviour at room temperature were characterised using electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), X-ray diffraction and high resolution X-ray Tomography, with mechanical testing by nano-indentation, fibre-push out and flexural bending.  Thermo-gravimetric analysis quantified the thermal stability.


Processing at 950oC or above gave a combination of high effective elastic modulus, good resistance to mechanical damage from tensile strain and good thermal stability.


Read the full paper in Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing.