Development of metal-metal matrix nanocomposites for hight strength applications

This project is based on the development of Metal Matrix Complex Nanofibril composites using new materials as reinforcements for improving Young’s modulus and strength of nanofibril alloys.  A combination of experimental and simulation studies will be carried out to help understanding of the optimum metal-metal combination, phase fractions, and processing conditions for obtaining the finest nanoparticles and nanofibers size
Several aspects will be developed within the project some of them with help of industrial and academic collaborators:
(i)    Investigation of the different processing routes 
(ii)    Development of bulk Metal-Metal Matrix Complex composites with different combinations of exciting mechanical properties for producing high industrial impact. 
(iii)    Modelling of the strengthening and deformation mechanisms at the nanoscale in order to predict the mechanical properties of the different composites types.
The project makes use of processing, microstructural characterisation facilities and expertise and draws on the latest alloy developments within the research group that offer genuine prospects for industrially useful nanomaterials. Strong industrial support is already in place for different aspects of the project in particular a company specializing in processing simulations will be carrying out the modelling for the different nanocomposites developed.

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