Development of aluminium matrix nanocomposites for high temperature applications

This project  is based on the development of Aluminium Matrix Complex Nanocomposties (AlMCNCs) with combinations of reinforcement strategies at the nanoscale that offer unique properties to target specific applications with an enhancement of combined properties i.e. increase thermal stability, ductility at forging temperature, and higher strength and Young’s modulus in higher performance applications. New materials will be used as nanoreinforcements for improving Young’s modulus and strength of nanoquasicrystalline alloys (NQX). Small Al-particles will be used as a plasticizer for improving the ductility of NQX alloys at forging temperature. These combinations of reinforcement strategies at the nanoscale will create unique complex nanocomposites with a unique combination of properties. Thus, a detailed study on the processing and the mechanisms responsible for microstructural stability and mechanical properties is required to develop these new Al matrix complex nanocomposites and to provide a platform for a disruptive knowledge for designing the right material for each application. Several aspects will be developed within the project: (i)Investigation the different processing routes that lead to obtaining AlMCNCs in bulk shape for industrial applications. (ii)Development of bulk AlMCNCs with different combinations of exciting mechanical properties for producing high industrial impact. (iii)Testing of the new AlMCNCs in real applicationsThe project makes use of processing, microstructural characterisation facilities and expertise and draws on the latest alloy developments within the research group that offer genuine prospects for industrially useful nanomaterials. This project will be within an already running EPSRC/RAEng project that is working on the development of bulk nanostructured alloy alloys and will run with the collaboration of several industrial partners representing a range of interests to pull through developed know-how.

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