Current-density-dependent electroplating in Ca Electrolytes: from globules to dendrites

globular ca plating at lower current densities

Professor Peter Bruce, Dr Alex W Robertson, Shengda D PuChen Gong,  Ziyang Ning, Dr Sixie YangJohn-Joseph Marie, Dr Boyang Liu, Robert House, Gareth Hartley and colleagues have investigated  an in-depth study of the Ca plating mechanism and adverse dendritic growth in relation to using electrolyte compostions for rechargeable batteries.

Their work, published in ACS Energy Letters, explains how, via in-situ transmission electron microscopy, they captured the real-time nucleation, growth and dissolution of Ca and the formation of dead Ca and demonstrated the critical role of current density and the solid-electrolyte interphase layer in controlling the plating morphology.

In particular, the interface was found to influence Ca deposition morphology, which can lead to Ca dendrite growth under unexpected conditions.  

These observations allowed the investigators to propose a model explaining the preferred conditions for reversible and efficient Ca plating.