CogX Superconductors film

Professor Speller wearing a headset and standing in front of one of her CogX lecture slides

Image by CogX

"Imagine a world which is powered by mini versions of the sun that are man-made, and where electricity can zip around the countryside in vast quantities using very little energy itself  ...    

Where machines that guzzle huge amounts of energy can be made much more efficient.

Where we can zip around wherever we like in electrical aircraft that are clean - or in levitating trains - and we don't have to worry about environmental damage ...".

Professor Susie Speller (pictured left) gave an enthralling lecture during the 2023 CogX Festival, which includes an exploration of why we need to increase electrical capacity, and how superconductors are key to helping realise the mass use of technology which is highly efficient, far more economical than traditional conductors, and to achieving net zero carbon targets.

Click on the link below to watch the full lecture on YouTube:

'Superconductors: enabling transformational tech for net zero'.