Clara Barker: Royal Society of Chemistry grant

Clara Barker

Very many congratulations to Dr Clara Barker, who has been awarded a substantial grant (from a £485k fund) by the Royal Society of Chemistry, to conduct research into why LGBTQ+ individuals are underrepresented in STEM, and how to overcome these challenges.

The work is international; Clara's project is titled 'Centering LGBT+ perspective in STEM career decision making' and it is partnered with Montana State University and the University of San Diego.  The Principal Investigator is Professor Bryce Hughes, of Montana State University, who commented on the news:

"This grant represents yet another investment in the important goal of enabling LGBT+ people to participate authentically in the STEM workforce toward maximising the benefits STEM fields can offer the world".

The funding for the projects is awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Science and Innovation Network, for projects of up to 18 months, commencing this summer and ending by December 2024.