Barbara Maciejewska: Outstanding Research Supervision Award


"It was quite a surprise for me - what a start to the New Year!".

Dr Barbara Maciejewska

Many congratulations to Dr Barbara Maciejewska, who has been awarded one of the MPLS Awards for Outstanding Research Supervision.  


Barbara took over leading a research group of 15 students whilst her PI was out of the country for more than two years during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The judging panel were impressed by the leadership she has shown in supporting students' progress and, in particular, in enabling and inspiring six new DPhil students to become more independent and passionate about their research.  Barbara has facilitated collaboration both within her research group and beyond, by building connections inside and outside her department. 

One of the nominations submitted for Barbara describes how she has 'a contagious passion for doing good science' and that she repeatedly encouraged the nominator to produce high quality results.  Her approach is non-judgemental, helpful and kind.  She also demonstrates authority over key lab conduct and safety issues, and establishes positive relationships with her students, creating a 'productive and fun working environment'.


When notified about her award, Barbara's first thought was to thank the research group, MPLS Division and the department:


'I would like to thank everyone who nominated me, and the MPLS Division, for the recognition.  The real strength of any team lies in the creation of an environment of respect - and I have the privilege to work with, and be surrounded by, amazing people here in the Department of Materials.  Thank you!'.

Congratulations, Barbara!​​