Lecture Timetables

See lecturelists.

Lecture Synopses

Each lecture course has a brief synopsis and recommended reading list.

PDF 2017/18 MS Prelims Lecture Course Synopses (491 kb)
PDF 2017/18 MS Finals Core Lecture Course Synopses (496 kb)
PDF 2017/18 MS & MEM Finals Option Lecture Course Synopses (540 kb)

Lecture Questionaires

As part of continuous monitoring of all lectures, students are requested to complete the JCCU lecture questionnaire after each lecture course.
Word JCCU Questionnaire (doc) or PDF JCCU Questionnaire (pdf)

Options Classes

These are classes organised by lecturers to supplement the teaching of options courses. Students' work for options classes is assessed by the lecturer after the class. These assessments form a central part of the reporting about options classes to colleges.

For options class timetable see lecturelists timetable

Students attend one class in each set and need to register for a specific class via the sign-up tool on WebLearn.

Lecture Notes

Supporting materials for lectures are available via Oxford's virtual learning environment Weblearn. Undergraduates should find documents stored in the Materials Undergraduate Weblearn Site where the folders are arranged in folders by exam paper and lecture course as per the structure of the lecture lists. Please email the webmaster if you have suggested modifications/additions.