Funding Opportunities

Although much of academic research funding comes from Research Councils, the EC and charities, there are other potential funding sources worth considering when looking for funding. Many of these can be found on, a funding opportunities database the University subscribes to, but the University also lists centrally other possible internal and external funding sources.

See further guidance at

Due to the scope and complexity of the research areas covered within the Department of Materials it is not possible to maintain a complete list of funding opportunities. Researchers are recommended to use the Advanced Search functionality of to filter for funding opportunities relevant to their specific interests.

Departmental staff are notified via email when popular calls or new initiatives are announced.

For more information please talk to Jo Roberts (Deputy Administrator - Research) or Patrick Grant (Head of Department).


The Keith Prout Crystallography Fund

This Department of Materials website currently hosts the webpage about the Keith Prout Crystallography Fund supporting graduate students and postdoctoral workers within 5 years of obtaining their PhD in order to promote work in crystallography.