Joint Consultative Committee for Undergraduates (JCCU)

Functions of the Committee

To consult with the undergraduate student body of the Department and its representatives, and to advise the Faculty, Head of Department and Director of Studies of any issues which it thinks relevant. The Chairperson to report once per term to the Department of Materials Academic Committee.


3 undergraduate members from each of the 4 undergraduate years
Ex Officio the Director of Studies
Ex Officio the Deputy Administrator (Academic)^
Ex Officio the Chair of Faculty
Ex Officio the Part 2 Project Organiser
Ex Officio the Practical Class Organiser
1 senior member elected by Faculty

Current Senior Members

Prof. Michael Moody - Faculty member
Dr Adrian Taylor - Director of Studies, Chair of Faculty
Prof. Keyna O'Reilly - Part 2 Project Organiser & Practical Class Organiser
Dr Lewys Jones - Industrial Visits Academic Organiser
Philippa Moss^ - Committee Secretary

Current Undergraduate Members

First Year
Jack Bowen - St Anne's
Brooke Lear - St Anne's
Milo (Yuyang) Shen - St Catherine's

Second Year
Jack Aspinall - Mansfield
Jit Ramesh - St Anne's 
Gemma Francis* - Trinity

Third Year
Nils Behling - The Queen's
Gustaf Behmer - Corpus Christi
Rebecca Wang - Trinity

Fourth Year
Axel Forssberg - St Anne's
Harry Macpherson - Trinity
Rusheb Shah - Mansfield
Anna MacDonald - Trinity

*Chairperson: Gemma Francis  HT2017 - MT2017 (incl)
^Secretary: Philippa Moss


  • Chairperson by election from within the Committee (from among students members of the committee).
  • Chairperson of JCCU to present minutes at DMAC meetings once a term.
  • Quorum: 6.
  • The Deputy Administrator (Academic) shall act as secretary to the committee.

Details about the JCCU are contained in an Information Sheet circulation with Induction Presentations PDF.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the more recent meetings of JCCU are available on WebLearn. They are published here after being confirmed by the Committee as a true record.

These minutes are only accessible to members of the Department of Materials

Minutes from JCCU

JCCU Questionnaire Forms

As part of continuous monitoring of all lectures, students are requested to complete the JCCU lecture questionnaire after each lecture course.
Word JCCU Questionnaire (doc) or PDF JCCU Questionnaire (pdf)

Assessmment forms for Options

There are classes organised by lecturers to supplement the teaching of options courses. Students' work for options classes is assessed, both by the student before the class and by the lecturer after the class. These assessments form a central part of the reporting about options classes to colleges.
Word Assessment forms for options (doc) or PDF Assessment forms for options (pdf)