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Question: What is Materials Science, anyway?

Answer: Materials Science at Oxford is an interdisciplinary subject that makes use of knowledge from Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Engineering, and to a limited extent Biology & Medicine, but which has its own special character. There are few areas of research and development that combine such a wide knowledge base and put it to such diverse practical and commercial use. For more information on what is Materials Science see also:

Entrepreneurship and teamwork form part of the Department's Materials M.Eng degree programme too and it culminates in a full-time eight-month research project. But don’t just take my word for it – find out more at one of our many Open Days.

Please look at the schedule of Schools Outreach Events and contact our Access & Outreach Manager to arrange a visit.


Department of Materials March Taster Days - 13th, 14th March and 17th April 2018

The event is aimed at prospective students in Year 11 and Year 12. Places are limited so booking is essential, and we ask you to limit the number of students from a single school to six on any one day. Bookings must be made via the school to ensure their agreement.

Priority will be given to students from schools with little or no history of applications to Oxford.

All schools will be notified whether they have a place as soon as possible after the deadline.

The PDF Draft Programme gives an outline of open day activities. The event is aimed at Year 11 and 12 students. Since these events are very popular we ask you to limit the number of students from a single school to six on any one day. If you are wanting to bring more students please contact the Schools Liaison Officer

Please book your place using the word registration form.

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