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George Smith

Professor George Smith FRS
Emeritus Professor of Materials

Department of Materials
University of Oxford
16 Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH

Tel: +44 1865 273762 (Room 179.30.22)
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Summary of Interests

Nanoscience and nanotechnology.  Atom probe analysis. Phase transformations.  The role of alloy elements and trace additions on the microstructure, heat treatment and properties of steels and non-ferrous alloys. Materials for applications in nuclear fission and fusion reactors.  Atomic scale studies of heterogeneous catalysis.

  • Institute of Materials Platinum Medal 2006
  • Acta Materialia Gold Medal 2005
  • NPL National Award for Innovation in Measurement 2004
  • Rosenhain Medal and Prize, 1991
  • Sir George Beilby Medal and Prize, 1985

Current Research Projects

Irradiation effects in Fe-Cr alloys
R. Hu, Dr. E.A. Marquis
With the increasing need for developing nuclear power as a major energy source, the iron-chromium based steels, which are considered as structural materials for future nuclear reactors, have attracted a huge amount of industrial interest due to their good properties under extreme conditions, such as high strength, and resistance to radiation damage and corrosion at high temperature. Neutron irradiation can induce a change in both microstructure and microchemistry, and result in degradation of the mechanical properties. Radiation-induced segregation/depletion (RIS/RID) of solute atoms at grain boundaries in particular is believed to be one of the most important radiation effects. The objective of this project is to address the outstanding issues related to the prediction of Cr segregation or depletion at grain boundaries and the precipitation of alpha prime phase under irradiation.

Hydrogen Embrittlement in Steels
Dr M.P. Moody, Dr. P.A.J. Bagot
A dedicated environmental cell is being designed and constructed for installation on our Local Electrode Atom Probe instrument. This will enable the study of hydrogen charging in a range of steels, aiming to understand the microstructural changes to bearing steels operating in demanding environments

Studies of advanced electronic materials with a pulsed laser 3-dimensional atom probe
M. Mueller, Professor G.D.W. Smith
Whilst the 3-dimensional atom probe technique is widely used for studying metallic alloys, the use of a high voltage pulse to remove atoms from the specimen surface limits the application of the technique in the area of semiconductors and highly resistive materials. However, laser pulsing can be used to overcome this problem. This project isinvestigating the use of laser pulsing in the 3D atom probe and its effect on the range of materials that can be analysed and the quantitativity of the results obtained. The instrument will be used to study specific problems in advanced electronic materials and devices, with materials being provided by a number of industrial collaborators. (Funded by EPSRC)

Piston development for high performance cars applications
Dr. M.L. Galano, Professor F. Audebert*, Professor G.D.W. Smith
Optimization of processing and composition of nanostructured Al based alloys for the development of automotive parts undergoing high strength at elevated temperature working environment. (*University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Atom Probe Studies of Aerospace alloys
Dr P.A.J. Bagot, Prof. M.P. Moody
Atom Probe Tomography and complementary high-resolution characterization methods are being employed to study a range of important aerospace materials (Ni and Ti alloys) in order to develop a better understanding of how they behave in-service. In conjunction with Rolls-Royce plc.

5 public active projects

Research Publications

2011 Hatfield Lecture "How safe is that nuclear reactor?"  Video and PDF of slides.

Nanoscale characterisation of ODS Eurofer97 Steel: an atom-probe tomography study, C. Williams, E.A. Marquis, A. Cerezo, G.D.W. Smith , (2010) Journal of Nuclear Materials 400 (1) 37-45.

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