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Dr Enzo Liotti
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Department of Materials
Oxford University Begbroke Science Park
Begbroke Hill, Woodstock Road
Begbroke OX5 1PF
United Kingdom


Tel: +44 1865 283714 (Room 317.10.03)
Tel: +44 1865 273777 (reception)
Fax: +44 1865 273789 (general fax)

Processing of Advanced Materials Group

Summary of Interests

My research focuses on the use of synchrotron X-ray techniques for the investigation of metal alloys, both through post mortem structural characterization and in-situ for the exploration of dynamic phenomena such as solidification and microstructural evolution.  

Research Publications

  • E. Liotti, C. Arteta, A. Zisserman, A. Lui, V. Lempitsky, and P. S. Grant. Crystal nucleation in metallic alloys using x-ray radiography and machine learning. Science Advances, 4(4), 2018
  • S. Feng, E. Liotti, A. Lui, S. Kumar, A. Mahadevegowda, K. A. Q. O'Reilly, and P. S. Grant. An in-situ method to estimate the tip temperature and phase selection of secondary Fe-rich intermetallics using synchrotron x-ray radiography. Scripta Materialia, 149:44 -48, 2018
  • E. Liotti, A. Lui, S. Kumar, Z. Guo, C. Bi, T. Connolley, and P. S. Grant. The spatial and temporal distribution of dendrite fragmentation in solidifying Al-Cu alloys under different conditions. Acta Materialia, 121:384-395, 2016
  • E. Liotti, A. Lui, T. Connolley, I.P. Dolbnya, K.J.S. Sawhney, A. Malandain, M.D. Wilson, M.C. Veale, P. Seller, and P.S. Grant. Mapping of multi-elements during melting and solidi cation using synchrotron x-rays and pixel-based spectroscopy. Scienti c Reports, 5:15988,  2015
  • E. Liotti, A. Lui, R. Vincent, S. Kumar, Z. Guo, T. Connolley, I. P. Dolbnya, M. Hart, L. Arnberg, R. H. Mathiesen, and P. S. Grant. A synchrotron x-ray radiography study of dendrite fragmentation induced by a pulsed electromagnetic eld in an Al-15Cu alloy. Acta Materialia, 70:228-239, 2014

Projects Available

X-ray video imaging of solidification to increase materials recirculation
Prof Patrick Grant / Dr Enzo Liotti

Increasing the recycling and recirculation of aluminum alloys offers the potential for enormous energy and carbon emission savings but is restricted due to the progressive accumulation of impurities (such as Fe) in the aluminium that reduce final mechanical properties. The recirculation process always involves a melting and solidification step, and we are researching the behaviour of these detrimental impurities during melting and casting in order to then control and contrive the impurities into less harmful phases, and so make the recirculation process more "tolerant". Using X-ray imaging, we record real-time videos of the solidification of alloys with high temporal and spatial resolution. This technique also provides new information to help understand and resolve long-standing and important issues in solidification science, including the role of grain refiners and external fields.

This project will exploit and further develop our capabilities to study and quantify the nucleation and growth behaviour of impurity phases during casting. The work will involve X-ray imaging solidification experiments, microstructural analysis and data analysis of images and videos. The work will involve using national facilities such as the Diamond Light Source as well as developing a new in-house imaging facility. This project is in collaboration with the EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub - Liquid Metal Engineering.

This EPSRC-funded 3.5 year DPhil in Materials DTP studentship will provide full fees and maintenance for a student with home fee status (this status includes an EU student who has spent the previous three years (or more) in the UK undertaking undergraduate study). Candidates with EU fee status are eligible for a fees-only award, but would have to provide funding for their living costs from another source such as personal funds or a scholarship. The stipend will be approximately £15,777 per year. Information on fee status can be found at

Any questions concerning the project can be addressed to Professor Patrick Grant ( General enquiries on how to apply can be made by e mail to You must complete the standard Oxford University Application for Graduate Studies. Further information and an electronic copy of the application form can be found at

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