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Judy Kim

Dr Judy Kim
Departmental Lecturer
Industrial Visits Academic Organiser
Senior Staff Scientist in Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy

Department of Materials
University of Oxford
16 Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH

Tel: +44 1865 273707 (Room 154.30.23)
Tel: +44 1865 273777 (reception)
2200MCO Tel: +44 1865 283742

Electron Image Analysis Group

Summary of Interests

Dr Judy Kim is responsible for the scientific direction and support of the JEOL 2200MCO with the help of the Oxford Materials TSG group.  The 2200MCO is a monochromated, double aberration corrected TEM/STEM instrument capable of routine sub-Angstrom resolution. 

She enjoys experimental Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) work of all sorts, particularly HRTEM focal series exit-wave reconstruction, in-situ HRTEM, and pushing the limits of the current microscopy technology.  With an education based in Materials Science, she is always on the look out for characterisation work that will solve or bring insight to materials issues.  Her most current work is exploring the use of a liquid Nitrogen cold stage for characterisation of ultra thin 2D materials.

If you are interested in collaboratively working together using the 2200MCO, you should contact Judy to discuss the possibilities and requirements. Indeed, the demand for sessions is high, so proposed work should be of a high caliber requiring aberration correction.  

Current Research Projects

Examination of Doped Hexabenzocorone Dispersions by Exit-wave Reconstructions
Dr J. S. Kim, Professor V. Nicolosi
Characterization of Iodo-coronene and other “doped” hexabenzocoronene–type molecules (HBC) via HRTEM will explore the possibility of using these materials for new types of doped graphene. The molecules of interest are materials that have been chemically exfoliated and dispersed in a new way, without the need for surfactants. This method leads to the dispersion of planar hydrocarbons of diverse sizes and doped-chemistries in such solvents. As HBC is considered a molecular analogue to graphene, self-assembly into ultrathin flakes is another method to generate monolayer graphene. With the introduction of dopants into the HBC molecules, the self-assembly can be manipulated to generate a graphene-type material doped with varied atoms. The introduction of etero-atoms of varied chemistry into the HBC in conjunction with the observed self-assembly behavior could lead to new types of doped graphene materials which can be scaled up for industrial production. The altered local chemistry can have a multitude of new properties on the mesoscopic and macroscopic level.

Quantitative Atomic resolution Imaging
Professor A.I. Kirkland, Dr. K. Borisenko, Dr. J. Kim
Almost all structural information derived from High Resolution Electron Microscopy relies on qualitative matching of observed and calculated image contrast. This project aims to investigate the fundamental reasons as to why the calculated and measured intensities differ by significant amounts and to develop quantitative approaches to image matching.

2 public active projects

Research Publications

J.M. Borrego, J.S. Blazquez, S. Lozano-Perez, J.S. Kim, C.F. Conde, A. Conde, Structural relaxation in Fe(Co)SiAlGaPCB amorphous alloys, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 584, (Jan 2014), 607-610.


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