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Christopher Grovenor

Professor Chris Grovenor, FIMMM, FIP
Professor of Materials
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Department of Materials
University of Oxford
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Fellow of St Anne's College,
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Summary of Interests

Chris Grovenor has interests in the application of advanced analytical techniques to understanding the relationship between chemistry and microstructure and the properties of functional materials.  Current areas of research include:

Oxidation and hyriding mechanisms of Zr nuclear cladding alloys (with Rolls Royce, Westinghouse, EPRI, EDF, Manchester University and the Open University)

Synthesis and characterisation of the new Fe-based superconducting compounds (with Dr Susannah Speller and Professor Andrew Boothroyd) 

Leadership of the group developing high resolution SIMS analysis using our CAMACA NANOSIMS 50. This includes studies of trace metals in both plant and human tissue samples (in collaboration with Rothamsted Research and the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine), and grain boundary segregation phenomena (in collaboration with the University of Nantes and Tata Steel).

The development of new superconducting/dielectric composite metamaterials under the QUEST programme grant (iwth Prof. Patrick Grant and QMUL, St Andrews and Exeter Universities).

Current Research Projects

Superconducting Metamaterials
J. Janurudin, Dr. S.C. Speller, Dr. C. Stevens*, Professor D. Edwards*, Professor C.R.M Grovenor
This project will study the fabrication, microstructure and properties of oxide/superconducting metamaterials to test the effective medium theory of these composite materials.   Simple resonating elements of Tl-2212 will be fabricated on single crystal ceramic substrates and assembled into volume of metamaterial  with ‘unnatural’ permittivity and permeability values.   (*Engineering Dept., Univ. of Oxford).(Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering, by EPSRC grant EP/I034548, and by a Malaysian Government scholarship [JMJ].)

NanoSIMS analysis of grain boundary segregation
H. Ayuni, Dr. S. Lozano-Perez, Prof. C.R.M. Grovenor, Dr. M. Green*, Prof. F Christien**
High resolution SIMS analysis allows the analysis of grain segregation profiles to a statistically significant number of grain boundaries in bulk samples.  This project will explore the application of this technique to  both model alloys (Ni-P) and commercial B-containing steels.  Supported by a Malaysian Government scholarship. *Tata Steel   ** University of Nantes

Radiation damage mechanisms in Nuclear Materials
A. London, Dr. S. Lozano-Perez, Prof. C. Grovenor
Radiation damage is a major degradation mechanism in materials in nuclear reactors, affecting both the mechanical properties and the rate of chemical reactions.  This project uses state-of-the-art analytical techniques to study radiation damage mechanisms in commercial steel and zirconium alloys.  Funded by the Black Family Scholarship and by EPSRC grant EP/I003274 with support from Rolls Royce and Westinghouse.

Radiation damage and precipitation in nuclear steels
J. Lim, Dr. S. Lozano-Perez, Prof. C. Grovenor
Understanding the effect of prolonged radiation exposure on the mechanical properties of pressure vessel steels is important for supporting the safety case for lifetime extension of existing nuclear power plant.  TEM studies of microstucture changes with fluence in real in-reactor surveillance samples is the focus of this project, which is part of the EU collaboration LONGLIFE involving 16 European partners.   

Thermal ageing of steels
P. Styman, Dr. J. Hyde, Professor C.R.M. Grovenor, Professor G.D.W. Smith
The atomic-scale changes which take place in the microstructure and composition of pressure vessel steels during long term thermal ageing are being investigated by three-dimensional atom probe techniques. (Funded by Rolls Royce and EPSRC.)

NanoFATE - Nanoparticle Fate Assessment and Toxicity in the Environment
C. Taylor, Professor C.R.M. Grovenor, Dr. A. Crossley, Dr. K. Jurkschat, Dr. C. Johnston
Nanotechnology is a major growth industry which faces the risk of not realising its full economic and societal benefits due to public concerns over the safety of nanoparticles. Concerns are largely based around uncertainties about what the human and environmental costs of their use may be. NanoFATE is an EU FP VII funded multipartner collaborative project led by the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. NanoFATE has been conceived to fill knowledge and methodological gaps currently impeding sound assessment of environmental risks posed by engineered nanoparticles (ENPs). Our vision is to assess environmental ENP fate and risk in for example high volume products for which recycling is not an option, namely; fuel additives, polishing agents, personal care products and antibacterial products. To represent these products commercial ENPs of CeO2 ,ZnO and Ag will be followed through their postproduction life cycles, i.e. from environmental entry as 'spent product', through waste treatment to their final fates and potential toxic effects. This will test the applicability of current fate and risk assessment methods and identify improvements required for assessment of ENPs at an early stage. Programme FP7-NMP Project Reference: 247739

NanoSIMS analysis of trace elements in biological materials
H. Jiang, Professor C.R.M. Grovenor
Ultra-high resolution chemical analysis of stable isotope distributions in biological materials is being used to study how molecules are incorporated into human cancer cell lines, and the interaction of peptides with lipid bilayers. (In collaboration with Professor Adrian Harris and Dr Elena Favaro of the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and Drs. Max Ryadnow and Paulina Rakowska of NPL.)  Supported by a China Government scholarship.

NanoSIMS analysis of trace metals in cereal crops
K. Moore, H. Taylor, Professor C.R.M. Grovenor
Trace metals are very important in the human diet, with both beneficial and toxic effects. This project explores the use of ultra-high resolution SIMS analysis of dilute metals in humal cereal crops, including As in rice and Se in wheat. The focus is on locating metals at the ppm level in cereal grain and studying the transport and sequestration mechanisms for these elements in the roots and to the final edible grain. Funded by EPSRC Research Fellowship (KM) and DTA studentship (HT). In collaboration with Dr Fangjie Zhao, Professor Peter Shewry, Dr Paola Tosi, Dr Malcolm Hawkesford and Professor Steve McGrath at Rothamsted Research, and Professor Chris Hawes at Oxford Brookes University.

Oxidation and hydriding mechanisms in Zr nuclear fuel cladding alloys
S. Yardley, Dr. S. Lozano-Perez, Professor J.M. Sykes, Professor C. English, Professor G.D.W. Smith FRS, Professor Chris Grovenor
The critical mechanisms that lead to breakaway oxidation behaviour and delayed nydride cracking in commercial Zr alloys in reactor environments are poorly understood, and yet they are very important in controlling the safe operating lifetime of reactor fuel rods and so the fuel burnup that can be achieved. This project is using the latest generation of advanced analytical tools to study the structure and chemistry of the oxide and the oxide/metal interface at the atomic scale in order to understand how the oxidation and hydridation process might be controlled by better design of the cladding alloy. Funded by EPSRC grants EP/E036384 and EP/I003274 with support from Rolls Royce, Westinghouse and EDF, and in collaboration with the University of Manchester and the Open University.

Characterisation of Fe-based superconductors
Dr. S. Speller, Professor C.R.M. Grovenor, Professor Andrew Boothroyd*
High resolution EDX and EBSD analysis techniques are being applied  to develop a better understanding of the phase separation phenomena that may control the superconducting and magnetic properties of single crystal samples of the Fe-based superconducting family.  *Clarendon Laboratory In collaboration with E. Pomjakushina, K. Conder, Laboratory for Developments and Methods, Paul Scherrer Institut

Growth and characterisation of thin film superconductors
T. Mousavi, Dr. S. Speller, Professor C.R.M. Grovenor
We are growing epitaxial thin films of the recently discovered Fe-based superconducting materials in order to explore how the properties can be controlled and their potential for future exploitation in practical devices. Most of our work is currently on the Fe(SeTe) system, and we make extensive use of TEM, SEM, XRD and EBSD analysis to relate superconducting properties to microstructure. (In collaboration with Dr Gavin Burnell, Leeds University).  Supported by an Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship

Structure-property relationships in graded nanocomposites for microwave applications
Q. Lei, Professor C. Grovenor, Professor P.S. Grant
There has been a great deal of international interest in the exciting electro-magnetic properties that can be achieved in metamaterials but very little work has been undertaken on how to process them in the large volume, techniques required for engineering applications.  This project will focus on using a range of microstructural analysis techniques to investigate how the morphology and chemistry of conducting phases in dielectric matrices develop during scalable synthesis techniques, and how these microstructures control the properties.  Funded by China Government scholarship and by EPSRC grant EP/I034548.  In collaboration with partners in Queen Mary London and Exeter Universities. 

12 public active projects

Research Publications

Speller SC, Hao T, Stevens CJ, Edwards DJ, Grovenor CRM (2008) Growth of Tl2Ba2CaCu2O7 Thin Films on Curved Substrates for Metamaterial Applications 8th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity, Brussels, BELGIUM, 16 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007. Editors: Hoste S, Ausloos M. 8TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY (EUCAS'07). IOP PUBLISHING LTD. 97

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Projects Available

NanoSIMS analysis of biological materials
Professor Chris Grovenor

The NanoSIMS is a very high resolution instrument for performing chemical analysis of dilute species in a wide range of different materials.  The NanoSIMS group have developed over the past few years reliable protocols for the study of trace element distributions in both human cell cultures and tissue sections, investigating problems like the uptake and sequestration mechanisms of isotopically spiked glutamine in cancer cells and the mechanisms by which anti-microbial peptides attack membranes.  This project will design and carry out (in collaboration with our colleagues in the Life Science Departments) new experiments where the unique capabilities of the NanoSIMS can contribute to developing a better understanding of key processes in biological systems .

Also see homepages: Chris Grovenor

Also see a full listing of New projects available within the Department of Materials.