Logical operations and control systems for scalable diamond quantum computing

Colour centres in diamond are a leading platform for the realisation of scalable quantum computers, offering a combination of high qubit densities and scalable coupling via an optical network. High fidelity quantum logic gates have been demonstrated on single sites (electron spins on nitrogen vacancy centres coupled to nuclear spins via the hyperfine interaction), but the development of chip-scale devices brings new challenges in terms of circuit design, thermal management, and cross-talk between nodes. The goal of this project will be to build and test a chip-based device with a small array of network nodes in which local operations can be carried out with high fidelity. The project will involve device design and modelling, fabrication (although this may be outsourced) and testing using diamond samples produced within the group.

The project contributes to a wider team effort in the realisation of these devices within the new UK Hub for Quantum Computing and Simulation, and involves collaboration with several other groups in the UK and internationally. In particular the project could include collaboration with Prof Simon Benjamin’s theory group on the computer simulation of diamond quantum processors.

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