Engineering spin qubits for diamond quantum computer chips

Colour centres in diamond are a leading platform for the realisation of universal quantum computers, offering the possibility of qubit densities ~106 cm-2 on a chip, coupled via an optical network. Fabrication of diamond chips requires the precision engineering of arrays of colour centres with highly coherent spin and optical transitions. This project will develop our recent work on the laser writing of coherent nitrogen-vacancy colour centres, to refine the process and demonstrate high yield fabrication of coherent qubits. You will investigate the use of laser annealing and combinations of laser and thermal annealing to heal the diamond lattice as a process step after the generation of vacancies. Optical spectroscopy and spin resonance will be used to characterise the fabricated defects.

The project contributes to a wider team effort in the realisation of these devices within the new UK Hub for Quantum Computing and Simulation, and involves collaboration with several other groups in the UK and internationally.

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