Reward and Recognition

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The Reward and Recognition Scheme for academic-related and support staff has two elements:

  • An Awards for Excellence Scheme to recognise staff contributions to the work of the University and to reward exceptional individual contributions. All eligible staff are reviewed annually in the gathered field exercise by a panel at departmental level.
  • A Recognition Scheme, under which smaller, timely awards can be made at departmental level to recognise one-off, outstanding contributions at any time of the year.

In light of the uncertain financial position due to COVID-19, Personnel Committee considered possible pay mitigations for the next financial year, and its recommendations were approved by Council on 22 June 2020. These mitigations included putting all discretionary pay awards for all staff groups on hold until further notice. The Awards for Excellence Scheme (the gathered field to award one-off or recurrent increments) remains on hold, whilst the Recognition Scheme has been reintroduced.


The purpose of the Recognition Scheme is to reward one-off contributions or examples of high performance by individuals or teams throughout the year. To facilitate timely recognition, the Department of Materials has decided to introduce a new schedule with recognition awards administered on a quarterly basis. The recognition award will be £200 (before taxes) in all cases.

How will the new schedule work?

Nominations for the Recognition Scheme should be made by managers and consist of a brief case to the Head of Department, whose decision is final. A sample nomination form can be found below.

Completed recognition nominations will need to be submitted to the HR Department ( and will be reviewed by the Head of Department, in accordance with the schedule below.

Reference months

Deadline for Submission to HR

Payment month

January – March 2021

28th April 2021

May 2021

April – June 2021

16th July 2021

August 2021

July – September 2021

22nd October 2021

November 2021

October – December 2021

12th January 2022

February 2022


Why nominate?

There are many reasons to nominate a member of staff. Have you seen anyone:

  • Delivering an important departmental initiative?
  • Developing an idea that leads to a saving or service improvement?
  • Delivering an important project ahead of time or with a budget saving?
  • Showing an outstanding commitment to the Department?
  • Creating improved efficiency or savings?
  • Assisting others during staff absence or periods of peak work?

If you have any questions in relation to the new Recognition Scheme schedule, please do not hesitate to contact the HR Manager.


The purpose of the Awards for Excellence Scheme is to recognise staff contributions to the work of the University and to reward exceptional individual contributions. All eligible staff should be reviewed annually in the gathered field exercise by a panel at departmental level.

For the sake of parity, transparency and ease of monitoring, there is no provision for making performance-related incremental payments to staff outside the annual exercise.

The Awards for Excellence Scheme recognises contributions over and above this and rewards employees who:

  • have performed well in all the key areas of their jobs, AND
  • have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, significantly above that which might reasonably have been expected for their grade.

Further information can be found on the Awards for Excellence webpage.

The HR Team will communicate the process to apply once the Scheme is open again.


Would you like to recognise the contribution and support of a work colleague? Say well done to someone who has a done a super job or piece of work? Or celebrate the success of a particular team?

The University has introduced a University-wide Thank You Board hosted on the Staff Gateway. The platform aims to enable, encourage and support recognition across the University and from all staff groups. 

The Board is now available for all employees to post messages of thanks to others around the University for their help and support.  

How to nominate?

You can submit a Thank You Note to anyone for anything – including from outside your immediate team and the department.

Thank You Notes are submitted via a quick online form and you will be able to post your recognition in one of the following categories: Goes above and beyond, Played a key role, Top innovator and Team Player

Find out more and view the Thank You Board on the Staff Gateway.

Please note that this initiative is in addition to the usual Recognition Scheme, operated by the Department.

The Department is committed to valuing all the staff who work within it and expects supervisors regularly to review levels of staffing and duties for support and research staff.

Where there has been an increase in the level of responsibility (not just the amount of work) there may be a case for requesting review of your current grade. Any such request should initially be discussed with your supervisor (although you may approach the HR Manager directly to ask advice). If, having reviewed your job description, it is clear that the level of responsibility has increased, your supervisor should discuss a request to review your grade with the HR Manager, before attempting to complete the paperwork.

You can find further information on the regrading procedure.