Peter Wilshaw

Selected Publications

  • Imaging and quantifying carrier collection in silicon solar cells: A submicron study using electron beam induced current

  • Optoelectronic properties of ultrathin ALD silicon nitride and its potential as a hole-selective nanolayer for high efficiency solar cells

  • Special issue: Surface and interface passivation in crystalline silicon solar cells

  • Atom Probe Tomography Study of Gettering in High-Performance Multicrystalline Silicon

  • Understanding and optimizing EBIC pn-junction characterization from modeling insights

  • Direct Observation of Hydrogen at Defects in Multicrystalline Silicon

  • Identification of colloidal silica polishing induced contamination in silicon

  • Microstructural Evolution of Mechanically Deformed Polycrystalline Silicon for Kerfless Photovoltaics

  • Scalable Techniques for Producing Field-Effect Passivation in High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells

  • The Behavior and Transport of Hydrogen in Silicon Solar Cells Observed through Changes in Contact Resistance