Peter Wilshaw

Selected Publications

  • Identification of colloidal silica polishing induced contamination in silicon

  • Direct Observation of Hydrogen at Defects in Multicrystalline Silicon

  • Scalable Techniques for Producing Field-Effect Passivation in High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells

  • The Behavior and Transport of Hydrogen in Silicon Solar Cells Observed through Changes in Contact Resistance

  • Hydrogen induced contact resistance in PERC solar cells

  • Hydrogen Related Defects in Float Zone Silicon Investigated Using a Shielded Hydrogen Plasma

  • Modelling of hydrogen transport in silicon solar cell structures under equilibrium conditions

  • Potassium ions in SiO2: Electrets for silicon surface passivation

  • An enhanced alneal process to produce SRV < 1 cm/s in 1 Ω cm n-type Si

  • Effective Antireflection and Surface Passivation of Silicon Using a SiO2/a-T iOx Film Stack

  • More
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