Leaving Employment

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You may terminate your appointment (i.e. resign) at any time, subject to the agreed period of notice. Notice to terminate (resignation) should be given to your line manager/supervisor and HR in writing. The period of notice which the member of staff is obliged to give to terminate their appointment is laid down in their letter of appointment (contract).

In exceptional cases, your line manager/supervisor could agree to a shorter notice period; this should be clearly communicated to HR.


Where the resignation relates to you securing a new post in another department of the University (i.e. to another Chancellor, Masters and Scholars employment contract) this is treated as a transfer.  You will still need to communicate in writing to the HR Team about your intention to transfer and confirm your last day in the department. Continuity of service is maintained and accrued untaken holiday must be used up before the transfer, or transferred to the new department, by agreement.


You may choose to retire in accordance with the rules of your pension scheme, or the University may request you to retire in accordance with University policy.

More information: Retirement


The majority of research staff are appointed to fixed term contracts which match the funding awarded to the Department for a particular project.

Approximately three months before the end of your fixed term contract the HR Team will write to you to remind you of the current end date of your contract and if applicable offering you a meeting to discuss your plans for the future.

Ahead of this time we will contact your supervisor to see if he or she has any plans for extending your current project or identifying any funding which could extend your employment contract.

In the meantime, you will provide information on how to access University support in securing alternative employment.

Whether you have found alternative employment or are still making applications, we will write to you one month before the end of your contract to confirm that your employment will cease on the contract end date.

If you have been continuously employed for 2 years you may be eligible for statutory redundancy payments at the end of a fixed term contract.


Once the HR Team have been made aware of your intention of leaving or that you have not secured any alternative work at the end of your fixed term contract, we will write to you to confirm leaving arrangements.

You will be asked to complete a Leaving Destination Form for payroll purposes and to collect statistical information about your reasons for leaving and your next appointment. You will ask be asked for details of your forwarding address, as well as reminded to return office keys and University card and any library books.

For e-mail account and IT matters, please read this and remember to return any borrowed equipment.

If applicable, agree the storage of your research results with your supervisor, and ensure that you complete drafting any final reports which are required by your project. You should also take the opportunity to ensure that you leave your lab in a tidy condition, and you are required to dispose of all unwanted chemicals safely. If necessary you should seek advice on how to do this from our Chemicals and Materials Safety Technician (Christina Foldbjerg Holdway).

The HR Team will also make you aware of your accrued but untaken leave. Please note that you should take your full entitlement before you leave, as payment in lieu of holiday not taken may be authorised only in exceptional circumstances, with your supervisor and HR Manager’s agreement. 

If you are leaving the University you will not be able to access HR Self-Service afterwards.  You should therefore log in to HR Self-Service and download copies of your payslips and P60s before your end date. Your final payslip and P45 will be issued in paper form and sent to your home address (or the forwarding address you have provided to us).