Using Artificial Intelligence to understand Zeolite catalysts

Recent developments in electron microscopy mean it is now possible to follow the dynamical evolution of materials at an atomic scale and with high time resolution.  However, understanding the large volume of data that can now be collected and linking it to important materials properties requires increasingly sophisticated analysis. 

In this project we bring together several disciplines, electron microscopy, computer science and materials design to develop and apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract, distil and understand defects in microporous materials as next-generation catalysts for CO2 reduction using electron microscopy.  You will learn a range of interdisciplinary skills involved in this project and develop an understanding of how state of the art characterisation and computation can work together to achieve a step-change in materials design.  The studentship offers opportunities to work in both academic and industrial research laboratories and at National facilities.  There are also opportunities for international travel to collaborators.

This is a 4-year EPSRC Industrial CASE studentship in conjunction with Johnson Matthey and will provide full fees and maintenance for a student who has Home/Republic of Ireland or Islands fee status.  The stipend will be at least £17,285 per year.  Information on fee status can be found at 

Candidates will be considered in the November 2020 admissions field which has an application deadline of 13 November 2020 and, if the studentship is unfilled, in the January 2021 admissions field which has an application deadline of 22 January 2021.  

Any questions concerning the project can be addressed to Professor Angus Kirkland (  General enquiries on how to apply can be made by e mail to  You must complete the standard Oxford University Application for Graduate Studies.  Further information and an electronic copy of the application form can be found at



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