Structural anisotropy properties correlations in materials for electronics and photonics

Chalcogenide phase change memory materials (for example, Ge2Sb2Te5, GST) find applications as electronic memory storage materials. In these materials the phase change, and therefore information storage, can be initiated by laser or electric pulses. It has recently been suggested that by using polarised light to initiate the phase change it may be possible to control the  anisotropic structures. In GST materials this could add an extra parameter  to increase the fundamental storage density. In the project we will prepare new chalcogenide-based phase-change memory materials with dopants that are likely to induce anisotropic properties and study their atomic structures .  The project will also involve measurements of the optical and electric properties of the prepared materials and the building of computed models describing structure – property correlations. The project will involve electron micrsoscopy, computer modelling and studies at the Diamond Synchrotron.

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