Mimicking electronics with magnetic systems

In this DPhil project you will explore the possibilities opened by almost-perfectly one-dimensional systems, composed by metal chains ordered in a crystal. You will build on our previous expertise to create novel systems, where the usual properties of an electronic circuit (energy bands, capacitor etc…) are mimicked into a molecular spin system. This will produce the first spin analogues of nanoscale electronic devices, and will help establish the first tenets of a new area of research. The characterization will be developed using magnetometry and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy at low temperatures and in magnetic field. The thesis is strongly multidisciplinary and candidates from materials, chemistry and physics will be welcome. The work is developed in the context of national and European collaborations, so different aspects can be privileged depending on the interests and attitude of the candidate. Visits and learning periods to international laboratories can also be arranged. You will join an active and lively laboratory with an international atmosphere, and will be assisted in developing a personal vision and an autonomous scientific profile, as well as possible industrial links and scientific collaborations. Please refer directly to Dr. Lapo Bogani for details.

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