Mental Health

scrabble tiles spelling mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 took place during 10-16 May inclusive, and the MPLS Division hosted a wide range of events and activities for staff and students.


The department, MPLS Division and the wider University consider good mental and emotional health to be vital all year round, not just during an awareness week.   In addition to talking to your supervisor or line manager, the HR Team and the Harassment Advisers are available if you prefer an objective perspective from your study or work area.


As a member of the University you are entitled to free membership of Togetherall which is a discussion and support forum across the UK, and you can also use the Sleepio program; a good night's sleep is vital for physical as well as mental health.

If you prefer to access to free resources which are not connected to the University, Mental Health Org is worth visiting all year round, as is the NHS advice and The Samaritans, who have a special page on mental health during the pandemic.