Functional thin films for thermal management applications using vacuum printing of nanomaterials in a polymer matrix

The drive to manufacture functional thin films and devices (e.g. for wearable technologies) at low cost requires the design of novel approaches for processing suitable functional materials, such as nanomaterials. One route to providing a patterned layer of a nanomaterial on a substrate is to disperse it in a printable monomer that is then cured in-situ. This would allow for either ambient or in-vacuum deposition. The project will explore the formulation and printing of a nano-particle-dispersed monomer for the novel formation of patterned polymer layers whereby the efficient dispersion of dedicated nanomaterials in monomers suitable for printing radiation-curable polymer-matrix nanocomposite materials will play a pivotal role. Methods to improve the dispersion of nanomaterials within the thin film are to be developed and studied. This will provide the foundations for future exploration of printing nanomaterials in a polymer matrix for applications such as efficient thermal management.

Dispersed aligned graphene domains

Dispersed aligned graphene domains


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