Fluoride-ion batteries

A potentially industrially-funded DPhil studentship; the studentship being dependent on signature by the sponsor of a contract that is currently under discussion.

Rechargeable batteries with higher energy densities are fundamental to meeting the ever-increasing requirements of consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and a burgeoning renewable energy economy. Fluoride ion batteries (FIBs) exhibit among the highest theoretical volumetric energy densities of any lithium or post lithium-ion technology under consideration. This potential capability arises from the coupling of highly dense anode (metal) and cathode (metal fluoride) materials through use of an anionic charge carrier (F-).  However, at this incipient stage, the discharge/charge mechanism at both electrodes is still poorly understood; furthermore, the design of a liquid electrolyte system for long-term cycling stability has not been fully realized.  In this project, the student will study the electrochemical phase evolution and mass/charge transport of transition metal fluoride cathodes in fluoride ion batteries. Complementary to understanding the mechanism of FIB cathode reactions, this project seeks to engineer high performance liquid electrolyte compositions for stability and ionic conductivity and to tailor electrode surface compositions to mitigate dissolution and side reactions.

This potentially industrially-funded 4-year DPhil in Materials studentship will if the funding is confirmed provide course fees and a stipend of at least £19,728 per year. The potential sponsor is SCG Chemicals. Please note that this funded studentship will not be available unless and until SCG Chemicals sign the abovementioned contract.
Applicants with Home or Overseas fees status are eligible to apply. Information on fee status can be found at http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/fees-and-funding/fees-and-other-... .  

Candidates will be considered in the January 2023 admissions field which has an application deadline of 20 January 2023 and, if the studentship is unfilled, in the March 2023 admissions field which has an application deadline of 1 March 2023.  

For informal discussions about the project please contact Prof Mauro Pasta by email to mauro.pasta@materials.ox.ac.uk .

General enquiries on how to apply can be made by e mail to graduate.studies@materials.ox.ac.uk .  

You must complete the standard Oxford University Application for Graduate Studies.  
Further information and an electronic copy of the application form can be found at https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/applying-to-oxford .

Fluoride Ion Battery

Fluoride Ion Battery


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