Additive nanomanufacturing using Printing or Nanoparticle Manipulations

We have an ambitious plan to deliver additive nanomanufacturing at the nanoscale. To realize our ambitions, we are looking for a team member to pursue the doctorate on fundamental aspects of nanoscience, including the study of surface forces at the nanoscale, ability to develop entirely new processes from scratch and the ability to attract single nanoparticles reliably, and place them in a manner similar to automobile assembly - except this is at the nanoscale. The DPhil student working on this project will become an expert in advanced nanomanufacturing techniques, atomic force microscopy and nanoparticle assembly, as well as modelling and setting up new experiments from scratch, working with vacuum instruments and working independently. All our projects allow for significant creative contributions and the right DPhil candidate will have the freedom to shape research directions.

Your Profile:
Your profile will be one of a highly motivated undergraduate (evidenced by previous stints in Research laboratories), first class honors degree (or equivalent) earning undergraduate in Physics, Materials, Engineering or a closely related field with a deep desire to carry out independent experimental research. You must like working on hands-on laboratory experiments and have the desire to try out many novel ideas. Evidence (via references) of initiative and ability to work collaboratively would be a plus, as this is an experimental project involving many collaborations.

Gold nanoparticle directed assembly

Gold nanoparticle directed assembly


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