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This site uses five cookies: one CMSMadeSimple session cookie which is deleted when you close the webpage, plus four Google Analytics cookies which stay on your computer longer (currently they last for: this session, one day, 6 months, 2 years). The Google Analytics cookies are used to count the number of distinct visitors to this website and to see how each visitor moves around the site so that we can improve the site structure and understand what information is most popular. 

In order to obtain user consent to store these cookies this site uses a jquery utility from For each page which attempts to set cookies, the bottom right-hand corner of the screen has a triangular icon. Initially the triangle is orange indicating that permission has not yet been granted and a popup requests asks the user whether they are happy to allow this site to set cookies. The triangle icon becomes green  if the user has granted permission to store cookies. Note that in order to remember this permission additional civicAllowCookies and civicShowCookieIcon cookies are set for 3 months.

It is not a problem if you decide to block any of these cookies from this website and your use of this website will not be affected by doing so.

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