QIP IRC Internal Publications

document - pdfCommercial Prospects for QIP
This study by MBA students at the Saïd Business School focuses on how the opportunities for commercialising QIP technology may develop. Contributors include leading QIP and scientific researchers from both academia and industry, and information from potential users of the technologies.

document - doc QIP IRC Connections
This document, produced within the QIP IRC in Autumn 2005, brings out some common scientific themes which have emerged from the first year or so of the QIP IRC's work.

document - pdf QIP IRC Annual Report 2006
The 2006 annual report describes a selection of the activities in QIP IRC. It is hoped that it will convey some of the challenges that have been addressed and some of the results that have been achieved.

document - pdf QIP IRC Mid Term Report Summary
Extracts from the report prepared for EPSRC and the review panel in February 2007

document - pdf QIP IRC Final Report December 2009
Final report including list of 571 publications from QIP IRC 2005 – 2009.