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Drahosh Vesely

Dr Drahosh Vesely
Senior Visiting Fellow

Department of Materials
University of Oxford
16 Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH

Tel: +44 1865 273777 (reception)
Fax: +44 1865 273764

Summary of Interests

Light and electron microscopy, electron beam damage and spectroscopy are used to study crystallographic morphology of spherulitic structures, nucleation and crystallization, stabilization, degredation, electrical conductivity, fluorescence, diffusion, permeability, solubility and mechanical properties of polymeric compounds.

Current Research Projects

Microstructure and diffusion in polymeric materials
Dr. D. Vesely
Mass transport of liquids in polymer matrixes is studied using FTIR microscopy, light microscopy, electron microscopy, fluorescence, MRI and gravimetry. New experimenta;l evidence shows discrepancy with the existing theories and a new theory had to be developed. This is based on molecular interactions and details of this mechanism are currently invesigated together with applications to miscibility, oxidative degradation, permeability and formation of new composite materials.

1 public active projects

Research Publications

D. Vesely and Ming Zhu: ‘Diffusion and Permeability of Acetone through uPVC, Independent of Concentration Gradient’ submitted.

D. Vesely: ‘Diffusion and Permeability of Liquids in Polymers’ 2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Polymers, 29-31 May 2011, Lyon, France.

D. Vesely: ‘Diffusion and Permeability of Liquids in Polymers’, 25th Biennial Meeting of the IOP Polymer Physics Group, Physical Aspects of Polymer Science, 12-14th September 2011, Surrey University, Guildford, UK.

D. Vesely: ‘Problems with Permeability of Solvents through Polymers’, CMMP 2010, 14-16 December 2010, Warwick University, UK.

G. Bernardo and D. Vesely, Equilibrium Swelling of Polystyrene by Alkanes and Carboxylic Acids: A Simple Quantitative Correlation Model’, Journal of Applied Polymer Science Vol. 116, 1348-1356 (2010).

G. Bernardo and D. Vesely, ‘Anomalous Swelling of a Polystyrene Matrix in Organic Solvents’, Journal of Applied Polymer Science Vol. 115, 2402-2408, (2010).

D. Vesely: ’Diffusion Structure Formation in Polymers’ Proceedings of IUPAC 5th International Symposium on Novel Materials and their Synthesis, page B46, 18-22 October 2009, Shanghai, China.

D. Vesely: ‘Liquid Transport in Polymer Matrixes’ Proceedings of Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena VI, page 15.8-15.12, 4-9th October 2009, Volterra  Italy.

G. Bernardo and  D. Vesely, ‘Solubility of Alkanes in a Polystyrene Matrix’, Journal of Applied Polymer Science Vol. 110, 2393-2398, (2008).

Ming Zhu and D. Vesely, ‘The Effect of Polymer Swelling and Resistance to Flow on Solvent Diffusion and Permeability’ European Polymer Journal,  Vol. 43, 4503-4515, (2007).

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