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Colin Johnston

Dr Colin Johnston
Senior Research Fellow
Coordinator Institute of Industrial Materials and Manufacturing

Department of Materials
Oxford University Begbroke Science Park
Sandy Lane, Yarnton
Oxford OX5 1PF

Mob: +44 7970 024089
Tel: +44 1865 283705 (Room 317.10.10A)
Tel: +44 1865 273777 (reception)
Fax: +44 1865 848790

Materials Knowledge Transfer Network

Summary of Interests

Materials for harsh environments including aerospace and transport materials. High temperature electronics including packaging and reliability. Failure analysis and design for inherently reliable operation at elevated temperatures.

Knowledge Management and Technology Transfer

Current Research Projects

Dr. C. Johnston
HITEN is a global network of organisations interested in high temperature electronics (HTE). HITEN organise a biannual conference in Europe and publish current research, market and technology updates on all aspects of HTE. The main industrial sectors served by HITEN are well logging (geothermal and oil & gas), aerospace and automotive. High temperature electronics are defined as electronics operating in ambients above 125C.

Novel high energy density high reliability capacitors
Dr. A. Mahadevegowda, Dr. C. Johnston, Dr. H.E. Assender, Professor P.S. Grant
Current capacitor technology significantly limits the temperature capability and electrical performance of power electronics relative to the "More Electric Airframe" systems requirements, which are emerging rapidly as a key priority for both aeroengine and airframe manufacturers. Novel capacitor materials combining high dielectric ceramics and high performance polymers are being developed for aero-engine applications, particularly within the more electric aircraft concept. Investigations include characterisation of the fundamental material properties using advanced analytical instruments, clean room characterisation of the electrical properties, development of fabrication routes, and modelling of behaviour for lifetime prediction. (Funded by Technology Strategy Board, Labinal Power, ICW Ltd)

2 public active projects

Research Publications

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