Forthcoming Events

St Anne’s College (Oxford): 10 and 11 July 2018

Bonding and Structure in Materials - A celebration of the life and work of Professor David Pettifor CBE, FRS

A two-day scientific meeting, with an optional afternoon of informal memorial talks and dinner.

Due to the venue restrictions, dinner reservations are limited to two per booking.

Option 1: Scientific meeting (two days), memorial meeting and dinner. Speakers should also select this option (£60).

Option 2: Scientific meeting (two days) only. [No dinner or memorial meeting] (£10).

Option 3: Memorial meeting and dinner only (1/2 day) (£60).

Sponsored by the Department of Materials, University of Oxford; Department of Physics, Imperial College London and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS)


17-18 September 2018

Energy Materials For A Low Carbon Future

A discussion meeting to be held at The Royal Society, London on 17-18 September 2018.

Conference details and free registration

Invited keynote speakers include: 
Li battery: J.M. Tarascon (Paris), C. Grey (Cambridge),
G. Ceder (Berkeley), J. Janek (Giessen),

Solar/PV: H. Snaith (Oxford), M. Kanatzidis (Northwestern),
A. Walsh (Imperial), L. Herz (Oxford), T. Kirchartz (Juelich)

Fuel cell: J. Irvine (St Andrews), S. Haile (Northwestern),
J. Rupp (MIT); A. Cooper (Liverpool)

Prof Saiful Islam (Bath); Prof Richard Catlow FRS (UCL/Cardiff);
Prof Jenny Nelson FRS (Imperial); Prof Peter Bruce FRS (Oxford)

Also see Lectures and Seminars.