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TMS poster

14th March 2017

George Smith: 2017 William Hume-Rothery Award

Many members of the Materials Department went to the TMS Annual Meeting in San Diego last week at which Professor George Smith received the 2017 William Hume-Rothery Award.  This award was given in recognition of “leadership and vision in development of advanced Atom Probe instruments and their application in improving understanding of atomic scale processes in metallurgical transformations”. 

In his opening lecture George gave a lively and informative history of the development of the field ion microscope and atom probe, both at Oxford and elsewhere, before the symposium in his honour showcased the latest results and developments in the field by a range of leading figures.

YPLC poster

7th March 2017

IOM3 2017 Young Persons Lecture Competition (YPLC) Oxford Heats

The 2017 South East regional heat was held in Oxford on Tuesday 7 March, and Oxford won all 3 placements, and a rare commendation from the judges.

Many congratulations are due to:

  • 1st Prize: Jacob Swett 
    (‘Materials Challenges for Interstellar Flight‘)
  • 2nd Prize: Ilija Rašović 
    (‘Making the World’s most Expensive Material‘)
  • 3rd Prize: Thomas Cosnahan 
    (‘Fabrication of Flexible Electronics‘)
  • Commendation by the Judges: Jack Aspinall 
    (‘Glass - The Material of Science ‘)

TATA Steel Prize 2016

9th February 2017

TATA Steel Prize awarded to Stephen Turrell

On the 9th February 2017 the TATA Steel Prize for best overall performance in Part I practicals (MS & MEM) was awarded to Stephen Turrell of St Catherine's College by Andrew Dunsmore, Research Programme Manager at TATA Steel Europe.

Prelims Practicals Prize 2016

9th February 2017

Prelims Practicals Prize 2016

On the 9th February 2017 the Armourers and Brasiers' Company / TATA Steel Prize for best overall performance in Prelims practicals was awarded to Rachel Kealy of St Anne's College by Andrew Dunsmore, Research Programme Manager at TATA Steel Europe.

Qifeng Yang

13th January 2017

Catalysis Science & Technology Poster Prize

Many congratulations to Qifeng Yang of the Atom Probe Group who won the 2017 Catalysis Science & Technology Poster Prize. Chemical details of nanoparticles are of great importance towards their catalytic activities. Atom Probe Tomography (APT) can give a particular high resolution characterisation on those particles and potentially reveal the secrets , for example, catalyst activation, poisoning and so forth. The Catalysis Science & Technology Poster Prize was awarded to Qifeng Yang during the 2017 UK Catalysis conference for his work on Au based nanoparticles.

Prof Nicole Grobert

25th November 2016

Royal Society Industrial Fellowship

Professor Nicole Grobert has been awarded a 4 year Royal Society Industry Fellowship to work with Williams Advanced Engineering, part of the Williams group of companies that includes the Williams Martini Racing Formula One team. In doing so, she has become the first person to hold all three of the Royal Society’s Industry, University Research and the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships. Professor Grobert will support Williams Advanced Engineering's Technology Ventures Group to help bring emerging nanomaterials technologies and intellectual property to market.

In an Oxford University News article Professor Grobert, who heads the Nanomaterials by Design Group in Oxford’s Department of Materials, said: ‘This Royal Society Industrial Fellowship provides an excellent opportunity to bridge the gap between research and industry and helps accelerate the commercialisation of this rapidly developing area of science. My group has already been working on a number of nanomaterial application engineering projects with Williams funded by Oxford University’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account and I look forward to more innovation projects with Williams and the wider industry under this Fellowship.’

Also see WilliamsF1 news and Corpus Christi Collage news.

Prof Porfyrakis

10th November 2016

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Professor Kyriakos Porfyrakis has recently been admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The FRSC title is given to people who "have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the chemical sciences; or to the advancement of the chemical sciences as a profession; or have been distinguished in the management of a chemical sciences organisation”.

BVC Yarwood Medal

21st October 2016

BVC Senior Prize 2016

The John Yarwood Memorial Medal and British Vacuum Council Senior Prize for 2016 have been awarded to Professor Martin Castell  for his surface atomic structure work using ultra high vacuum scanning tunnelling microscopy. The medal was presented in Cambridge by Professor McCoustra prior to the closing talk at the nanoScience@surfaces summer school.

ICIS Innovation Awards 2016

21st October 2016

Jan Czernuszka: Alpha Innovator of the Year

Congratulations to Professor Jan Czernuszka and his former student Dr Marc Swan for their ICIS 2016 Alpha Innovator of the Year Award for Product/Process Development. The successful resulting veterinary product (Expaniderm) launched in April 2016 is managed by Oxtex.

Jan Mol

24th July 2016

Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship

Dr Jan Mol has been awarded a 5 year Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship to develop graphene-based single-molecule DNA sequencing techniques for the identification of infectious agents, detection of drug resistance and to enable cheap portable gene sequencing devices. 

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