The Department of Materials has a 3-seat floating network license for COMSOL multiphysics

Maintained (5.2a as of 2017-03-15): COMSOL(x3), ACDC(x2), RF, CFD, LLMATLAB, HEATTRANSFER

[Also some unmaintained modules: since 5.2a PARTICLETRACING, RF and since 4.3a  NONLINEARSTRUCTMATERIALS, STRUCTURALMECHANICS]

The annual maintenance costs and the purchase costs of the modules are paid by the users - currently the research groups of :

  • Patrick Grant (COMSOL,RF)
  • QIP / Pascal Gehring (COMSOL).

Obtaining software

Please contact IT staff if you wish to start using Comsol.

  • DVD available to borrow from IT staff on request
  • Materials network installation from \\FILES-APPS\APPS\SiteLicense\Comsol
  • Download from COMSOL - requires user to submit copy of license file to prove eligibility

Using licenses

Because the license are shared, it is possible to encounter a "licence unavailable" error. Please check who is using the comsol licenses

Because the licenses are shared the licenses for COMSOL+RF can be booked on the equipment booking system.