Forms and Documents

This page attempts to summarise in one place all the forms and (word) documents on the website. Email the webmaster if you have suggestions.

Department Handbook

All department procedures are contained within the single document entitled Department Handbook. This document is given to each new member of department when they arrive. See the adminstrator's secretary for up-to-date printed copies. The document is up-dated annually each September ready for the new intake of students.

Research and Teaching Forms and Documents

Research and Teaching Forms and Documents

  • Most information on Research activities is in the open-access section on Research
  • Most information on Teaching activities is in the open-access section on Teaching

Lecture feedback forms

Part II student Project Management Forms

Graduate Project Management Forms

See Project Management webpage for details.

Other research and teaching forms:

Postdoc Research Assistants and Fellows forms

Academic Visitor forms

Academic Visitor forms

Members of departmental established academic staff are eligible to sponsor visitors, although other individual senior researchers or academic-related staff may be given permission to host a visitor at the Head of Department’s discretion.

Staff wishing to host a visitor need to read all the documentation below and return the completed application form V7 (and V8 if necessary).

All queries about academic visitors should be directed to Kay Davies Tel:01865 273682 or via email to kay.davies AT

Administrative Forms and Documents

Reward and Recognition Scheme

Reward and Recognition Scheme for Academic-Related and Support Staff – Department of Materials

The Annual Reward and Recognition Scheme for academic-related and support staff was introduced in 2013 and has two elements: Awards for Excellence and the Recognition Scheme. The schemes are designed to enable us to offer financial recognition to those staff who are making an outstanding and truly exceptional contribution to the University. For details, please see the guidance notes and nomination forms below.

The period under review is the calendar year 2016, and payments will be made with effect from 1 April 2017. All forms should be sent to the HR Manager by Tuesday 28 February 2017 for processing.

Purchasing, Finance Forms and Documents

Safety Documents, Forms and Links

The starting point for safety within the Department of Materials is the overview Departmental Information pdf.

All members of Department are expected to read the Department Safety Policy pdf 

All researchers are expected to read the Laboratories Safety Manual pdf

All members of Department should also look at the University Safety Office website.

Safety Documents

Safety Forms

Department Stationery Templates

Department Stationery Templates

The University of Oxford has a strong brand and is actively promoting the careful and correct usage of the Quadrangle and Rectangle brand marks and the belted crest. Please see the Oxford University Branding Toolkit for many pages of guidelines and instructions.

In addition the Department of Materials has it's own "OxfordMaterials" brand which should be used in conjunction with the University Brand on all departmental publications.

OxfordMaterials Logo

The above image of the Oxford Materials logo is a JPEG image suitable for inserting into Microsoft Office documents and presentations and printing on desktop colour laser printers. (Rightclick image and select SaveAs). For larger publications such as posters a TIFF image is available Oxford Materials logo (TIFF). Note that in 2012 the website redesign project modified the colours of the Oxford Materials logo so all members of department are requested to discard old versions of the logo.

In 2008 the Department redesigned it's headed notepaper to incorporate the new Oxford University brand rather than to use the University recommended stationery. It was decided that the rectangular brand mark (rather than the quadrangle) was a better balance with the OxfordMaterials logo. It was decided that the recommended Foundry font was not compatible with the font of the OxfordMaterials logo therefore the notepaper footer text is Verdana font. It was decided not to pre-print personalized notepaper for senior staff. Generic pre-printed header notepaper is available to all members of department from Reception. Several slightly different Microsoft Word document templates are provided below which recreate the pre-printed headed notepaper.

Also see the Deparment of Materials Business card printing service.