Research Opportunities Group (ROG)

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Membership (updated October 2016)



Research Area

Harish Bhaskaran


Device Materials

Nicole Grobert


Materials Synthesis/Chemistry

Angus Kirkland


Characterisation of Materials

Sergio Lozano-Perez


Structural and Nuclear Materials

James Marrow


Structural and Nuclear Materials

Jo Roberts**


Deputy Administrator (Research and Finance)

Susie Speller


Processing and Manufacturing

Charlotte Sweeney


Head of Administration and Finance

Jamie Warner


Characterisation of Materials

Andrew Watt


Device Materials

Peter Wilshaw*


Device Materials

*Chairman; **Secretary

Contact Information

  • Enquiries should initially be directed to the committee chairman (see above).
  • The Department of Materials uses maillists to contact all members of the committee. The maillist for this committee is For a full description of the maillist and how to use it please read the further information about maillists

Constitution of the Research Opportunities Group (ROG)
(previously Research Policy Committee)


  1. Ex Officio the Head of Department
  2. Four staff appointed by HoD one representing each of the four RAE groupings (characterisation; modelling; processing; properties). Able to nominate replacements if not available for a meeting.
  3. Ex Officio Head of Administration and Finance
  4. not more than two additional members to be co-opted by the group or at the request of HoD from amongst the members of the sub-faculty of Materials or such other member of staff as is appropriate to reflect a particular need.
  5. Any other individual may be invited to attend for a single meeting or series of meetings at the discretion of the group for particular discussion or consideration of special topic areas.


  • Except for ex officio members, the period of service shall normally be two years and the total period of continuous service shall not normally exceed four years. Members may be re-appointed or re-co-opted but in order to provide continuity, wherever possible periods of service will be arranged so that no more than half the members of the group change in any one year.
  • Membership will normally start from 1 October.
  • The Head of Department, or in his or her absence a person nominated by him or her shall be the chairman of the group. Failing this, a member of the group elected by it for the occasion shall serve as chairman.
  • Notes of the meetings will be taken by the Head of Department or a member who shall serve in that capacity for any occasion. Such notes will be circulated to academic staff for information only (not for consultation unless specified).
  • There shall be no quorum.
  • The group shall normally meet at least once during each term, normally at a regular time and week of term as shall be determined by the Head of Department, and at any such other times as may be decided in order to respond promptly to initiatives or urgent matters.

Functions of the Committee

The functions of a Research Opportunities Group shall be to advise the head of the department on matters affecting research, with particular reference to:

  1. Suggesting research strategy to be developed by the Department
  2. Supporting the development of research activity and profile by the various groups in the Department
  3. Taking a long-term and proactive view, considering the Department’s overall research portfolio, facilities, and expertises.
  4. Seeking to expand novel development opportunities and funding sources

Minutes of Meetings

Documentation is stored in Department of Materials Weblearn Resources (Materials Resources / ROG documents) which requires authentication using your SSO credentials and access is restricted to members of faculty.