iPrint with Windows

Below gives detailed instructions for installing iPrint printers under Windows 7. The instructions are very similar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Note that these instructions do NOT work for Chrome or Safari so please download and install firefox instead.

Step1: Open Internet Explorer or Firefox using right-click and RunAs Administrator. 


Step2: Visit http://print.materials.ox.ac.uk/ipp . Scroll down list to find the printer you wish to install by name or by location. Click on printer name. (in this example I am installing the br18-mffp-hp4700) If using Internet Explorer 11 you might need to click on compatibility view icon in the addressbar.

Step3: If the iPrint client software is not already installed on your machine you will be prompted to click OK to install it. If it is already installed you will be prompted for authentication so skip to Step 9.

Step4: Some browsers show a webpage with a link to install the iPrint client however if you are using Internet explorer you might see a request to install an ActiveX component. Follow on-screen instructions and/or select "Allow ActiveX" to install iPrint client.

Step5: Save the file to your downloads directory (or to your desktop)

Step6: Run the ipp.exe to install iPrint client. (If you did not open the browser with RunAsAdministrator you might get a message telling you to open the browser again using right-click RunAs Administrator.)

Step7: A window shows installation progress.

Step8: After successful installation the iPrint client (red "i" over printer) is visible in the system tray.
You have now successfully installed the iPrint client software. Close your web browser (make sure you close all windows) and come back to these instructions and start again from Step 1 but Step 3 should now lead to Step9 below.

Step9: You should be prompted for authentication using your departmental username and password. (Departmental password should be different to your SSO password) Contact itsupport@materials if you do not have or have forgotten your login details. Tick the tickbox to remember your authentication details.

Step10: Once authenticated you will be asked to install the printer.

Step11: After clicking yes another window appears (often in the background or as a minimized window) showing the progress of the printer installation.

Step12: If installed succesfully you should see the following.

Step13: You should now check the printer is visible in control panel called "Devices and Printers". Note the printer is listed as being "on print" showing that the printer is on the print server called print. Also consider whether you wish the newly installed printer to be your default printer or not (right-click printer icon and select set default).

Step14: Finally send a test print and check the paper output on the printer. Note the printer locations are given on the webpage http://print.materials.ox.ac.uk/ipp.

If you encounter problems with the above instructions, please contact IT staff for help.