iPrint with Novell Client

These instructions are intended as guidance about how to print from computers operating under Novell client login.

The computers in the teaching laboratory (or digital print room or library) are locked down more than others desktops to prevent users abusing the systems. One side effect of this is that the "Printers and Faxes" item is missing from the Start menu. Therefore the way to check the Printer control panel is via the "Printer Control Panel" application icon in the Novell Application Launcher window.

Application Launcher window

The "Printer Control Panel" application icon opens the Printer Control Panel as usual. This can be used to check/modify the printer properties (Double-click) or to see which printer is set at default printer. (hb-teachinglab-hp2055 in this case)

Printer Control Panel

If you wish to change the default printer, please use the "MyDefault Printer" icon in the Novell Application Launcher window which opens a drop-down menu selector.

MyDefault Printer

If you wish to add another printer, then please use the "Install Printer from Web" icon in the Novell Application Launcher window. This opens a webpage to http://print.materials.ox.ac.uk/ipp which lists all the printers available.

iPrint Printers - sorted alphabetically

Clicking on the column heading "Printer Location" sorts the list by printer location. Currently there are two printers provided in the Teaching Laboratory for undergraduate use. These are called "hb-teachinglab-hp2055" and "materials-tl-hp4700dn".

iPrint Printers - sorted by location

The printers can be installed by clicking on the desired printer which will automatically install the correct printer driver on your local computer (if you have permission to access that printer). Since you are working in a Novell environment, you are already authenticated and the printer should install sucessfully without further information. 

When printing to the iPrint printers, note that print jobs without A4 paper layout will be automatically rejected.

The status of print jobs can be seen using the Novell iPrint Client icon in the system tray (bottom right). Right-clicking on the iPrint icon opens the menu to allow you select the "Document Status" item.

Novell iPrint Client system tray
iPrint Document Status

It is also possible to check the status of the printers themselves via their web interfaces http://hb-teachinglab-hp401dn.materials.ox.ac.uk and http://materials-tl-hp4700dn.materials.ox.ac.uk which should give the device status as "Ready" but might say "load paper", "replace toner" "printer jam" etc.

Any queries concerning facilities in the teaching laboratory should in the first case be directed to the Teaching Laboratory Technician (Paula Topping). However problems with the computers or printers can also be investigated by department IT staff (73667).